Friday, January 4, 2013

The Beginning or the End?


What triggers your quilting excitement?  Is it the thrill of breaking into a new fabric collection? Or is it the satisfaction that comes with using up all of the fabric?

I just couldn't wait to see what I could do with these bright and cheery Moda fabrics-- Comma Mini Charm Packs and the coordinating thread by Aurifil.

Out popped house after house, and with the addition of only three of my stash fabrics, I completed this wall-size quilt top.

To set off my 2-1/2" fabric squares, I chose a rich hand-dyed wool from The Wooly Lady. I also added a grey plaid homespun and a pearl grey polished cotton. Three different textures and finishes to create depth in the piece.

Now I was down to just a few narrow strips of my fabrics and used them in the borders.

There I did it. To my great satisfaction, I used it all.

Well, almost. I did have a small square of fabric left, less that an inch in size. 

I was conflicted, should I find a way to use it also?

In a bold 2013 movement, I gently placed it in the trash.


  1. The little houses are very charming. I would have saved that little square.

  2. I had to laugh at the "gently" placing it in the trash. Great combination of fabrics. Clever girl.

  3. delightful quilt I agree placing it gently in the trash was bold move

  4. ....and placed it gently in the trash.

    I love it. I need to do more of that......


  5. What a gutsy move! I'm proud, and so impressed that you only had that piece left :-)!

  6. Thank you for your comments, although you did make me feel guilt. Should I go digging in the trash for the last little piece?

    Not this year!

  7. first of all - thank you for enlightening me on what to do with those little charm packs that are all the rage - I thought - OMG what does one do with them that is more interesting then just little traditional squares? This is amazing use of them! Secondly - nope I wouldn't have put it in the trash - I would have put it on the label on the back or in my sketch book! and yes I'm the type that sheds a tear when her fav fabric from 15 yrs ago is finally used - I'm still looking on ebay for my fav line of fabric that came out in 1994 - LOL! (yes I do find some now and again - LOL!)

  8. Sharon....I LOVE this happy and well designed!!

  9. I would have somehow stitched that last little scrap on the back somehow. But I have a very difficult time throwing out fabric, even little scraps! Love the quilt!


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