Friday, January 25, 2013

Orchids and Art

If you love orchids and art
 the place to be is the 
Riverfront Arts Center in downtown Stevens Point, WI
 for the Winter's Garden Art Exhibition.

I am privileged to be part of the exhibit 
with my sunflower quilt, "Leaning on the Fence"
 on the right side in the photo.

The show is open to the public and free of charge. 
Immerse yourself in the beauty of the flowers and enrich yourself with the art. 
Both the orchids and the art are for sale 
so you can bring home your favorites.

The hours of the show are:
Tuesday through Friday, 11-5
Saturday and Sunday, 11-3
January 18 - February 17, 2013

at the 
Riverfront Art Center
 1200 Crosby Ave, Stevens Point, WI 


Another great art exhibit is at WOWSPACE Gallery in
downtown Wittenberg, WI

The "Stringing Along Quilt Show"
combines the 
"Connecting Thread: A Line of Design" work of 
the Milwaukee Art Quilters
 and the
"String Quilts" of 
Sharon Rotz.

An artist's boutique offers a varied collection of 
original works, books and patterns for sale.

114 Vinal Street, Wittenberg, WI
 is open 
Saturday and Sundays, 11-3
January 19 - February 10, 2013

PS: I hope to see you at 1:00 p.m.
on Saturday, January 26, 2013 
when I will be sharing ideas at my lecture, 
"Diet Quilts" 
at the Wittenberg Community Center.


  1. Beautiful piece of work at the Riverfront Art Center!

  2. Thank you, it does show up nicely in the exhibit. I couldn't ask for a better placement.


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