Friday, February 1, 2013

1997, It Was Just Yesterday, Wasn't It?

One year, our quilt guild focused on 30's reproduction fabrics. We made friendship star blocks and exchanged them with fellow members to use in our next quilt. A few days ago, I discovered my blocks hidden in my closet. Hm, the blocks were dated 1997. Could it possibly have been that long ago? 

Why didn't I ever get to making that quilt? Did my blocks have to go through some long seasoning process?  Like aged cheese or fine wine, are they finally at their prime in 2013?

It seems they must be, because I have finally gotten to making that quilt.

There were nine blocks with colored backgrounds, which became the center "9 patch".
How interesting to remember quilters I haven't seen recently.

The blocks with the muslin background formed a border around the center.
I wonder when and if the other quilters finished their projects. Are they still busy making quilts?

 I did find my remaining 30's fabrics. 
It seems amazing after all these years, but apparently, I never throw anything away. 

I cut the fabrics into blocks for a colorful outside border.
Now, I have the quilt pinned and ready to be quilted. What design will look the best?
After making art quilts, will I revert back to traditional motifs for this one?


  1. I finished a quilt last year that was a batch of friendship blocks from 1996! I had the top completed for a long time, just never quilted it. It was sad to see some of the names of ladies that are gone. I also never throw things away!

  2. Oh, that terrible struggle between traditional and art quilting!

  3. This will make a very nice quilt. You could always use it as a canvas to stitch upon in a free form/artistic manner--best of both worlds.
    best, nadia

  4. Simple and lovely. That very simple block has a lot of movement in it!


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