Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Done With My Thirties

Done with My Thirties
51" x 51"
©2013 Sharon V. Rotz

The quilting has been stitched. The binding has been added. The quilt is complete and I am "done with my thirties" in more ways than one.

I realized that I had never showed you the back of this quilt.

Instead of a solid piece of backing, I used all of my partially completed projects. 

Apparently at one time, I was going to make miniature quilts. See how far that went!

Can you name all of these traditional blocks?

The blocks were joined together with borders and fill-in areas of 1-1/2" squares of my remaining fabrics. It reminded me of putting together a puzzle with the various sized blocks, but actually went quite smooth.

Did you remember the names? 
Dresden Plate, Hexagon Star, Old Maid's Puzzle, and Rob Peter to Pay Paul

I found blue borders that were cut exactly the size I needed. How did this happen when I didn't even know what I was going to do? Nor the size that it would end up?

And, I had just enough matching fabric for a rod pocket so I could hang this quilt on either side. Step back a bit, and the rod pocket blends in nicely.

It is now official, I am "Done With My Thirties".

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