Tuesday, February 19, 2013

O.K. I Confess

Yes, I was back in the kitchen again. No, not to cook!

Someday, I'll stop long enough to do that, too.

I was back in the kitchen for more quilting supplies.

This is how the story goes. I'm on a mad quest to finish some of my long neglected projects. In the midst of hand-quilting a broken star quilt, I realized that I don't have a quilting plan for the border. Fancy that, me not having a plan!

I was looking for a design that will curve in and around the star points which I've already quilted. Of course, I didn't have a quilting stencil that would fit the space.

I did find two templates that I thought had possibilities. 

Here is where my kitchen quilting supply comes in.

Freezer paper to the rescue.

Using a good size piece, I traced through my points. I could just see the points and feel the outlines enough to do this. Then I laid out my two templates, added some curving lines and a few extra leaves and I had a pattern. With shiny sides of the freezer paper together, I pressed a second layer of freezer paper to the back of my pattern.

I cut the pattern and placed it on my quilt and I'm ready to trace around it for quilting. 
I find this quick and easy freezer paper template is sturdy enough for several uses, certainly enough for the four corners of my quilt.

Happy quilting!

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea to use freezerpaper for your quiltingpatern. I never saw this way befor but it seems very handy.


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