Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Disturbs Your Studio Time?

Each day, I enjoy the companionship of the friendly little chickadees as they dance around my head at the bird feeder. They seem to watch for the moment that I approach with more seeds and the call goes out.

Yesterday, as I was busy in my studio I heard some tapping at my window. I looked out and had to laugh. Yes, there he was, a brazen little chickadee knocking to tell me the feeder was almost empty.

Push the flowers aside. I think there must be a chickadee quilt in my future.  


  1. Last week I felt like someone was looking at me through the window in my studio. When I turned around, sure enough, there were two chickadees in the shrubbery chirping and looking at me. :-)

  2. Didn't you fill the feeder either?


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