Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Creative Options

For those who love the soft, muted colors more than my typical "knock your socks off" brights, here is "Lavender Cream". Again, I had fun with the serged cord I made. I used Halo metallic thread by Superior Threads in the upper looper and variegated Pixelles Trilobal Polyester thread by Signature Threads in the lower looper to make this lovely cord.

By letting the cord curl from one side to the other, both threads show adding most interest to the design. Extra bits were looped and added between the borders. The subtle contrast invites a closer look to really notice the sparkling details.

Looking for more ideas? Check out Nancy Zieman's blog which features "Thirteen's a Charm" from my book Serge and Merge Quilts.


  1. Sharon: Not your typical color palette is it!
    I do a serger club at Frank's Sewing Center every other month. In January we did a lapped zipper on the serger and made a serger apron that sits under the serger,with a thread catcher and pockets. The serger is an under utilized machine in the sewing world. Agree?

  2. Wendy, you are so right that we don't use our sergers to the max. It could be a goal for 2011, try out that serger and stretch your abilities. If you live in the Milwaukee, WI area, look up Wendy's serger club, she's sure to inspire you.


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