Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Adding Serging to your Quilting

Like many of you, I have a serger. I have used it for many years for a multitude of sewing tasks but not until recently have I thought of it as a quilting tool. I have since found a variety of ways to use my serger for quilting.

Using your serger to make serged cord, you can incorporate some of the lovely decorative threads you own. We are all attracted to and purchase metallic and other decorative threads only to find they are, at times, difficult to work with on our regular sewing machines.

Running these threads in the loopers of the serger, I have no difficulty using them. I've had fun making cord by serging over two stands of acrylic yarn. The yarn was passed through a hole in the center of the foot and fed nicely while the looper threads covered it with my decorative thread. In the top sample, I am using pearl cotton in the upper looper and cotton thread in the needle and lower looper. In the second sample, I've used metallic thread in the upper looper and variegated polyester thread in the lower looper.

Now that I have these wonderful cords, where can I use them? What was your suggestions?

Come back and see where they end up.

For other serged projects, check out my book Serge and Merge Quilts.

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