Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Before the Floor Caves In

Yes, the question is: How many books of quilting magazines can I pile up before the floor caves in? How many do I need to save? Will I find ideas for future quilts in my stash of magazines? Will I ever look at them again or will a new idea in a current publication catch my fancy?

I have two little Sharons having this debate as they run around inside my head. Can't you just see them listing all their pros and cons? Many times I don't go back to my "research" magazines but occasionally when I do, I spy some fabulous idea that slipped by before. But does that justify saving piles and piles until the floor caves in? (Or should I think of it as grounding my home from future tornadoes?)

What do you think? Do you save your older copies of favorite quilting magazines? All of them? Selected issues?


  1. I have/had this same problem. I had two boxes full out in the garage, not to mention the ones on the shelf in my sewing room. So, while my youngest daughter was in driver's ed, I had 3 hours to kill. I'd bring a stack of 10 or so each day and go through them cutting out patterns, colors ideas or other elements that I liked (ie. borders, quilting motifs etc). These I either slipped into a vinyl page protector or glued to binder paper. Then put them in Patterns, Color Ideas, Borders, Quilting Motifs...whatever catagories you have, then when looking for inspiration, just pull out the rid of alot of weight and wasted ads...only got through one box though...still another box languishing out there...good luck with yours!

  2. Great idea, I am thinking along the same lines. As I go through the magazines even if I adore the pattern, I realize that I don't have enough time in two lifetimes to make them all. I clipped a few of my favorites and I am letting go and will pass the magazines on to others.


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