Friday, January 21, 2011

Flouncing About or About Flouncing

Do you know what a flounce is?

It may look like a gathered strip, but it not gathered but a waving free edge formed by the clever cutting of the fabric. We, in the quilting world, are not familiar with flounces as they are normally from the world of dressmaking. Well, I should qualify that. I have had a few stretched bias edges which could be easily be described as waving freely. (not a good thing)

In a creative moment, I thought it would be fun to see if I could use a true flounce (not that wrongly stretched fabric one) in my quiltmaking.

To make a serged spiral flounce: Cut two layers of fabric. Place wrong sides together.  Serge the outer edge starting on the outside of the spiral and working to the center.

When you straighten out the edge of the serged strip, the outer edge of the strip will wave.

The end of the spiral that was closest to the center will have more wave. As you get to the outside of the spiral, there will be less wave and the fabric will tend to lay flatter.

How can a flounce be used?  What's your idea?

Check out how I used my flounce in my next posting.

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