Monday, January 3, 2011

Lovely in my new crinkled scarf

Was this what I wanted? In the creative spirit to start the New Year, I thought I would try making a crinkled scarf following the directions that I found on Quilting Arts. O.K., so I didn't follow them exactly. My rayon definitely had a right and wrong side, with the printed dots much crisper on the right side. I thought I would just make a tube and then the wrong side would never show.

I twisted and I twisted and ended up with a ball of wet fabric that I dried though several dryer cycles and over the heat for three days. Finally, came the exciting moment when I would see my beautiful new scarf. Well, it certainly kept its crinkles and I unrolled it to no avail, it just rolled back up. This looks nothing like the picture.

I tried my best to look trendy. Did I succeed or do I look like I have a wrinkled rag tied around my neck? I asked my husband and he (wisely) had no comment and said he would defer to my artsy friends.

So, artsy friends, what do you think?

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