Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Record keeping

Do you keep a list of the quilts that you have made?

I have found that this a valuable resource for so many reasons. I make an average of about 20-30 or more quilts a year and I can't remember all details (and it seems my memory is getting worst, ugh!)

When I first started quilting, I thought it was pretentious to name my quilts but I soon found out it was much quicker to say "GPS- Geese Phying South" than "the red and green quilt with the mariner's compass in the middle and the flying geese blocks surrounding it, and the quarter mariner's compass blocks in the corners, you know the one". So my quilts began to have names, and with the names came stories of how they got their names. Or why they deserve their names, i.e. my friend's quilt named "The Quilt from Hell".

Along with the name of the quilt, there is information about making the quilt including the year made, the size, the materials used including the batting, and perhaps awards that the quilt has earned. All this should be included on your list of quilts. This past year I (finally) finished a quilt I started in 1995 and I certainly don't remember details that long.

I wish I could tell you I always keep up to date on this, but I would rather be making quilts than recording them. My resolution is to start off this year keeping track of things. A new year, new beginnings!

p.s. Don't forget photos.


  1. It's a great idea! I try, but fail miserably. I'm also trying to do better this year. I wish us both luck with that. I also know for a fact that there is more than one quilt named "The Quilt from Hell", so it's important to keep track of those things . . . wouldn't want them getting mixed up with each other!

  2. I label all my quilts and then I also have a scrapbook album of all the quilts I've made. It's amazing how you can forget quilts you have made many years before and have given them away - out of sight sometimes means out of mind I guess. If you are interested in seeing some of my pages, I also download my scrapbook pages to a scrapbooking website and I can give you the link.

  3. FOr many years I kept all of my quilts and details in a scrapbook. Once I started blogging, I've found that I keep my details right within my blog posts along with a crazy amount of pictures. WHen I moved a few years ago I went through my pictures and posted about each one of my older quilts to get them online as well.


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