Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Love/Hate Affair

Here it is! It's overwhelming. It's grabbing at me. It's taken over my studio and I can't control it. My box of scraps is overflowing.

Should I grab a garbage bag and pack it in? Should I shout and wave with joy as the garbage man carries it off?

But then again, I keep finding reasons to dig into its treasures. A bit of green for an appliqued leaf. A bit of yellow for a flower center. A variety of blues for a one color quilt. Some hot reds for a classy bag.

Do I love my scraps or do I hate the fact that I reach back into them instead of cutting my new luscious fabric? Should I keep them, my old friends, around or trash them for new acquaintances?


  1. Oh, I'm like you! I save every last bit and hate to cut into a fresh new piece! I joined a block lotto for just this reason: to use up the scraps! Every month following the guidelines for the month, I make nine blocks using those scraps. I didn't join to win; I joined to use up scraps...if it isn't going into my own quilt, I am at least contributing to a scrap quilt for someone else. I've won a few times, so I get squishies in the mail of all the blocks I've won...usually enough to make a throw sized quilt. Maybe you'd like to join us?

  2. As a PS to last post, I did have a 4 yr old grandson I invited over for a week and tried to have him help me sort my scraps by color...I thought that would be a good activity for him. He did help, but not long enough to finish the task, but I do have some sorted by color, so it's easier to just pull out the bags that are needed for my blocks.

  3. WOW what a great scrap pile! Keep it and work on a string quilt, or a postage stamp quilt. I would love to make a stamp quilt one day!


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