Friday, January 22, 2010

Cleaning up my Life?

In a effort to use some of that stash, I have been busy sewing. Since the thread didn't show, I went through my thread collection.

Is it a collection? Have I been busy "collecting" thread? Apparently, because I found many spools of thread that were almost thread bare (great pun!!) I hear you laughing at me....

I picked through the green and blues and pulled out and finished 13 spools of thread in one afternoon. No picture because I threw them away so fast... before I could think of any reason to save empty spools. You know, for some crazy crafty project.

Today, I'll move on. There are spools of red, yellow, and orange to look through. Not to mention all the neutrals.

And, I don't want to know the clever uses you have found for empty spools. They are gone!

1 comment:

  1. Sharon, I am so happy you threw those spools away!! I saw a blogger offer a prize to the one who used the most thread but they had to save the spools.....the one with the most empty spools won. Talk about cluttering up the studio!! I'll be meeting you in Feb at the workshop for the Material Girls down in Rapids. Looking forward to it!


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