Friday, November 30, 2012

Moving Straight From A to B?

Do you move straight from A to B? Do you continue from start to finish on one project at a time? There are moments when I do. There are times when the task needs to be done in a certain time frame and there can be no deviations.

More often, I wander. I wander from one project to another. It could be due to a creative stumbling block. It could be due to a lack of a certain material needed to complete the project. Or it could be the project simply got crowded out by another more pressing job.

This week, I wandered back to my improv nine patch.

It was time to add to this project by making more 9 patch blocks. This was such a fun project, why did I leave it? What pulled me away?

No worry, I am back again. Back at making fun little squares to alternate with my pumpkin Radiance fabric.

Another mate to the first.

Then a block with opposite placement

and a second.

Then put them all together into a Nine Patch Quad.  

Oh, I think it just named itself. We'll see if the name sticks.

Now back to the corner for you. I have some Christmas shopping to do.


  1. ohhh I really find this improv interesting and the palette works well - please link this post up with off the Wall Fridays on my blog and share it!

  2. Hi, I just got ur Serge and Merge book with DVD today and I love it! I just watched the video and had a couple questions...

    1) Does a serged quilt hold up as well as a machine pieced?
    2) Did you pieced the entire 13's the Charm on your serger? The book says no but the video indicates that you did..
    3) I use a longarm, the lattice that you showed, can I do the stitch beside the rolled hem with my LA or do I do it before I load the quilt??

    Sorry, that's more than a couple questions! Thanks, Amie in Tn. :o)


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