Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday's Tile

 What could I do? There it was.

After I finished putting together my nine patch blocks that I showed you last Friday, there was one extra piece. It was a colorful, fun piece that called to me. Over and over again.....

I mean, could you resist this piece?

Well, actually, it was accompanied by a second piece.

My project top was completed. Shouldn't I just throw these remnants away and be done?

The piece that I am fighting with grew too large for my nine patch, but...
when I measured it, it was just the right size for a Quilter's Tile.

OK, Little Scrap, you win!

You will become a Quilter's Tile.

A bit more piecing was needed to enlarge the solid piece of Kaufman Radiance fabric to the needed 8" size.

Another scrap would provide the width to make a tile 8" x 8".

After stitching the sections together I realized there was bubbling along one seam line. On more forgiving cotton patterned fabrics, this may not be a problem. On the Radiance that catches the light so beautifully, this area will always stand out as a mistake. There would be no camouflaging it with my quilting stitches. 

So the stitching came out.

And was restitched.

Now, how will I quilt this?

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