Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - At Least It's Not Orange

Quilter's Tile - Frosty Leaves
8" x 8"
©2012 - Sharon V. Rotz

This tile started nicely with a demonstration to a small group of quilters. I wanted to share the fun I was having creating freeform small feathers. I was even using red (another of my favorite colors) thinking this is so right for the Christmas season.

After the demo, I came home with my sample, ready to finish it. This could be an example of machine quilting, nothing more.

And then the trouble began.............

Out of my cabinet, jumped a tube of paint and a leaf shaped stamp. 

And the next thing I knew, there were white leaves on my lovely red, half quilted project.

Again, I'm working backward or side-ways, at least. My project is half quilted and now I've gone back to the beginning. 

Of course, there was only one solution and that was to continue on. 

Actually, the quilting above and below the stamped leaves brings an interesting transparency to the piece.

To complete the tile, I found some glittery thread to add to the binding edge. 

 Just a little side note: Don't forget to change your needle plate from the single hole one that works so well for free-motion quilting to a wider one for zig-zagging.

I bet you think I forgot, didn't you. 

Not this time and and, at the last moment, saved myself from breaking my needle. 
It's a good day!

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