Friday, December 14, 2012

Snow and Orange? Oh, my!

As they say "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" and indeed it is after a snowfall that blanketed our little corner of the world. Nothing can rival God's beauty.

But, inside I am still thinking orange as I work to finish my Nine Patch Quad (as you can see the name stuck).

I searched through my fabric and came up with this option for the borders. The dark color sets off the quilt top and makes the darker colors in the center pop up. The border also helps to control the brilliance of all that beautiful orange.

I squared off the top and was surprised at how little needed to be trimmed considering the unevenness of the blocks.

After sandwiching the top, batting and backing, I dove into quilting. At this point, I think all the quilting will be vertical. Will that work? I quilted some pod shapes. I don't know, are they good or bad?

Even with all my questions unanswered, I do love the way that the satin weave of the Kaufman Radiance picks up the light and emphasizes the hills and valleys created by the quilting.

Continuing on................


  1. I love the pod quilting! Great texture.

  2. Hi, Sharon. Stopped by from Nina Marie's. Your choice of colors is soooo pleasing to me and the satiny orange gives a very interesting effect. The pod shapes work very well because they are so visible. Have a happy holiday season with lots of stitching!
    best from Tunisia,

  3. you know I like the satiny orange too - I mean you really can't enough shiny orange in your life can you?

  4. This is SO gorgeous. I love orange, love it and the border you picked out is perfect. The Just wow.

  5. Orange is such a great color to use! Love it!

  6. Thank you so much for the comments. Hurray for all of the orange lovers. Please stop by again at the end of the week to see how the project is progressing (or finished.... Wouldn't that be great?)


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