Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Tile- It Started with a Good Plan

Improv 9 patch
Sharon V. Rotz

It all started with a good plan. I was enjoying the colors that I was working with in the previous tiles. I was enjoying piecing small cuts of fabric together in random patterns.

I thought why not try it in a 9 patch block. So far, so good. This was turning out just like I wanted. I will really like this tile


I laid it next to my previous Quilter's Tile and saw how much larger it was. Now what?

Should I trim it down to size?

Today, I just can't do that because too much will be cut off and I won't let that happen.
Well, if I refuse to go smaller, I can still go bigger. Today's Quilter's Tile will be expanded. I haven't run out of fabric yet. (That will be the day!!!)

Come back again and see what comes of this beginning.

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