Friday, October 12, 2012

Where Are These Fabrics Headed?

I couldn't wait to combine these fabrics into a colorful autumn bag.

Start with one strip on each fabric, and braid them together.

After you have several braids, they can be joined together into a bag.

The top of the braids were bound with a strip of fabric in the same way that my quilt edges are finished.  Stitch to the front of the bag, fold over the edge and hand stitch on the back, in this case, the inside of the bag.

A long strap was made for the bag and two short tabs were made to attach the strap to the bag.

More ideas for braided bags can be found in my book, Designer Bags and Totes, available through Herrschners. Pictured is the Mag Bag, a great size for your favorite magazines or e-reader.

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