Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - What Inspired You Today?

Pods 4
©2012 Sharon V. Rotz

Where do you get the inspiration for your art projects? 

When I am looking for subject matter for my Quilter's Tiles, I often have a bit of an idea that I want to pursue before I work on a larger art project. 

Today was different. For today's tile I found scraps of fabric from a previous project and was eager to see where they would lead me. Would I make a repeat of Pods 4 or would I be led in a different direction?

Because the scraps already had the beginnings of shapes, I started fitting them together. I'm stretching away from the drawing and cutting pattern pieces that I did for Pods 4. A more serendipitous approach today.

Obviously, a little trimming is in order here.

By overlapping the two sections,

I trimmed them to shape.

Now they are ready to stitch together.

Since I had not accounted for seam allowances, I stitched close to the edge. I do not feel this piece will suffer from wear and the narrow seam allowance will be fine.

Here is the seam stitched and pressed and ready for the next strip to be added on.

Upside down or right side up, I like my small composition. At this point, I don't know which side will be up and I'm open to looking at it from a different view point. What do you think? This side up 

or that side up?

I've layered and pinned so now the next step will be the quilting. Will that be the final step? Even I don't know the answer yet.

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