Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - Super Moon

Quilter's Tile - Super Moon
8" x 8"
©2012 - Sharon V. Rotz

This past Saturday the world viewed the moon at it most magnificent. It was the moment that the moon was the closest to the earth and it looked bigger and brighter than normal. In honor of the super moon, we have this week's Tuesday's Tile.

Of course, because it was so close you could plainly see the man in the moon. 

As my story goes....To keep his robust shape, he nibbles and nibbles away until there is nothing but a narrow slice of moon left.

(But fear not, because the Wisconsin cows are producing the milk and the Wisconsin cheese-makers are making the cheddar and soon there will be a new moon.)

This tile is a combination of fusing and free-motion machine quilting. 

I drew out a reasonable face on paper, so I thought I would just "wing it" and quilt the face without marking on the quilt. I did quilt one side of the face without trouble but then my brain shut down. Apparently, I can duplicate a shape but reversing it (drawing the mirror image) at the machine is a problem. How well does your mind think in reverse?

I added a few chalk lines and completed the man in the moon. Of course, he was quite proud of himself, so a few beads brought out his shine.

A new thing for my to-do list:  Practice drawing mirror images.

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