Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - A Summer Project?

For this week's project, I started with pink stones fused unto a varied pink background. I think I had my little grand-daughter in mind as her favorite color is "PEEnk".

After fusing came the question, where do I go now? Do we always have a plan in mind before we start? I think not.

Since I had been thinking of utilizing my machine stitches more, that option came to mind. But I just couldn't see how it would be a good choice to try fighting with turning corners with stitches that would be so much easier done in a straight line.

Using hand stitches seemed a much better option. I love hand work as it is relaxing and portable. I reached into my box of embroidery threads and came out with more pink (pink floss this time) and my favorite stitch manual.

Stitching through the fused stones is not a problem, since I used Steam-A-Seam Lite as the fusible. I backed my fabric with a layer of batting and it provided enough body that I don't have to use an embroidery hoop.

As you can see, I am on my way.  This is the feather stitch.

A closed feather stitch.

The chevron stitch.

A button hole stitch.
 You could say done backward, usually the closed line is on the exterior of the fabric.

And the open chain stitch.

I can see a relaxing summer project here as I begin to create a sampler of stitches. You see, it is just too much fun to hurry.  

I hope you will come back and see my progress.

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