Friday, May 18, 2012

Creative Stitching Friday

Quilt detail
©2012 Pat Gaska

Last Friday, I explored a new stitch on my sewing machine. Today I would like continue the same thought of incorporating our machine programmed stitches into our quilts.

My talented and good friend, Pat Gaska, shared her newest art quilt and I couldn't resist reaching for my camera. Pat has brought her project to life by creatively using her machine's stitches.

As we zoom in for a closer look, you can pick out several of those attention-grabbing stitches. My favorite is the cross-stitch that she has used on the roof. Immediately, my eyes went to my machine to see if I had that option. Yes! Although Pat and I have different brands of machines, I noticed they share many of the same or very similar stitches.

Pat loves the stitch she used on this roof and the perfect circle that became a door knob.  Pat has certainly opened my mind to using my machine more creatively and I can't wait to start sewing and trying new options.

In addition to being a talented art quilter, Pat Gaska is also a quilting instructor. She is the first to admit that when it comes to quilting she has a split personality. Her other quilting interest -- Civil War Quilts.

I would like to thank Pat for sharing her work with us today.

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