Friday, May 11, 2012

It's a New Stitch Friday

What's hiding inside your sewing machine? (I mean, besides the fuzz and lint.)

Is there a wealth of unused stitches?

I have to admit my sewing machine has so many stitches that I have never tried. Oh, perhaps, I used some of them once to make a stitch sampler but they have long since been neglected. All of that technology being wasted.

I constantly use my straight stitch. My zigzag comes in second. But then, there is a sharp drop-off.

I have used a blanket stitch to applique on my quilts. (To me, this will always be called a button-hole stitch because, believe it or not, I once learned this as a hand-stitch tailoring technique to make a button-hole.)

But beyond my small repertoire of stitches, there is a vast selection of unused choices. This week I was determined to use at least one new option in my work.

To applique this strip, I broke out stitch number 203. I used a 30 weight Madeira rayon in a bright golden yellow. It's wonderful. Why have I been waiting? It's time to break into all of those other stitches.

Do you have a favorite stitch? How have you used it?


  1. Great results. How would you decide if and when to stitch it (before or when quilting) or if you need a stabilizer?

  2. Great question, Gayle. For this small project, I appliqued the edge of the strip through the top and batting. This provided enough body for this stitch. Then I added the backing and quilted along the edges of the appliqued strip and two lines somewhat centered on the appliqued strip. (The wine quilting lines are difficult to see in the photo.)

    If I were to use the stitch to applique the strip to the top (only), I would suggest a stabilizer. This wide stitch (as wide as my machine stitches) would pull and draw up the fabric without something to control it.


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