Friday, March 30, 2012

RickRack Out of the Box

La Bohemia
51" x 51"
by Sharon V. Rotz

As a previously posted, I started with a collection of rickrack from my mother and my collection has grown from there. I questioned whether to use my vintage rickrack but I have grown fond of this zigzagging little trim. I found my local store can keep me supplied so on my quilts it goes.

In La Bohemia, I went all out incorporating rickrack in many areas of the quilt. It added detail between appliques flowers.

It was used to made three dimensional centers for the flowers.

Rickrack created a wing for the bird.

By inserting coordinating rickrack in the seam, a subtle detail is revealed.

A contrasting rickrack adds to the bound quilt edge.

The pattern for La Bohemia and other quilts (many with rickrack details) are found in my book, 
Log Cabin Quilts with Attitude.

How have you used rickrack or other trims in your quilts? Have you opened up this world of opportunity?

1 comment:

  1. nice quilt, really beautiful. Love the idea of the rickrack.


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