Friday, March 23, 2012

Opening a Sewing Treasure Chest

Because I quilt , I have found my family thinks I need and want anything they can find related to sewing or a sewing machine. One of these finds is rickrack. It started when my mother cleaned out her sewing machine and found several packages of rickrack. I, of course, became the new proud owner of these. 

That was just the start, the rickrack treasures continue to come. (I had to add a second photo so you could definitely pick of the price on these packages. A far cry from today's prices. And the different brands available, the choices are definitely more limited in my local fabric store.)

And the rickrack does not stop with one or two packages, but apparently it multiples with age into boxes of rickrack. Here is my latest collection received just this past week.

The question is:  What will I do with all of my rickrack stash? Put it to use or save it in its original packages because it's worth more that way?

Please help me decide. What would you do?

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