Friday, February 3, 2012

What a Simple Plan

Did you ever have a simple plan that turned into a multiple week adventure?

I thought it was an easy plan. I wanted to take a photo of my art quilt in the Winter's Garden exhibit. But there are days and then there are more days.

Day 1:  Got to the exhibit. Not opened.
Day 2:  Got to the exhibit. Forgot the camera.
Day 3:  Got to the exhibit. Camera battery was dead.
Day 4:  Got to the exhibit. Got in the middle of a tour group.

Yes, we followed a flock of mallards right up to the door.

But, I finally got in with camera working and once again enjoyed the beauty of the orchids and the artwork.

I even got a photo of my quilt in the exhibit.

A lesson learned. 

When I paid a visit to the Art of the Quilter II exhibit, I arrived with my camera in hand and working and snapped these photos.

The entries were varied and each fascinated us with the mastering of different technique.

The quilts were artfully arranged to show off at their best.

 Our lives are enriched when we have the opportunity to view beautiful art. It captures our imagination and inspires us.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you have had a busy week touring! : ) I love the dappled blues and the way you designed the flowers in your water lily quilt. Beautiful work!


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