Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - Man in the Moon

Quilter's Tile - Man in the Moon
8" x 8"
©2012 - Sharon V. Rotz

As I mentioned in my last post, I experimented with stamping on fabric, creating my own patterned fabrics. Of the three fabrics I made, I chose my most orderly fabric, stamped in nice neat rows, for today's Quilter's Tile.

As with most projects, I had that "where should I go with this" moment. Should I treat this as another patterned fabric or should it be the focus of my design? Perhaps I should use this to make a traditional quilt block. Or..............

Before I thought too long, I took my rotary cutter and slashed it into four parts. Problem solved. 

I added in narrow bands of a lovely blue hand-dyed fabric, it's water, isn't it?

Wandering on, I added color with a narrow strip of gold and blue large scale print fabric that I purchased on a quilting trip.  Still I didn't really have a focus but it was definitely getting more interesting. At this point I was thinking that the strips would end up vertical, perhaps like reeds with water in the background.

I found more of the gold and blue print. Perhaps some circles. As I tried different circle sizes, I turned the square and suddenly the perfect spot for a moon appeared. A little maneuvering of the circle, adding in more of the blue, and up popped the man in the moon. Do you see him?

Lesson of the day: Run and jump right in, swim around a bit and don't be afraid to look from a different angle.

Check back next Tuesday to see where my next stamped fabric leads me.

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