Friday, February 24, 2012

Do You Have a Puzzling Personality?

Do you love the challenge of a puzzle? There are many types of puzzles, word puzzles, number puzzles and visual puzzles, but the puzzles that interest me the most are quilt puzzles.

Each time I look at a group of blocks, my mind starts swirling around as I get more and more ideas for ways to arrange them.

Digging in some boxes, I came up with these churn dash blocks all ready to use but not enough to make a quilt. How could I use them?

Going traditional, I thought of separating them with sashing between the blocks. As I searched for coordinating fabrics,

I found four more blocks, but still not enough to fill a bed-size quilt top.

Then there was one orphan block. The colors blended with my other blocks. Wouldn't he just love to worm his way into my churn dash quilt?

Searching further, these stitched, but never even pressed, half-square triangle blocks popped up. After a moment's thought of using them as they were, I realized that they could become additional churn dash blocks. 

There were 8 half-square triangles, just right for two blocks, and fabric that blended with them.

Now that I have the puzzle pieces, it's time to start arranging them into a quilt top.

Just like working on a jigsaw puzzle, small pieces go together to form larger sections.

And finally, the sections come together to form a whole. 

The puzzle is complete. A quilt top is born and I have just the piece large enough for a backing. Roll out the batting and I'm set to go.  (Can you find the orphan 9-patch? You can see, he did manage to wiggle his way in.)

The Inspection Detectives and the Perfection Police would be sure to point out all of the flaws. But, need it be perfect? Indeed, I'm not. But, it is stitched with love and made to offer warmth and comfort.

If your home is secure and your beds are covered, consider donating that extra quilt to warm someone else. I've found it works both ways, because your heart will be warmed as well.


  1. I guess I have a puzzling personality, too. I have made many orphan block quilts for donation. Now I will be thinking to space the blocks a little further, but I'd enjoy a little raw edge applique in those blank spaces. Besides feeling good, it's fun.

  2. Bless you for sharing with others. You are so right, we so enjoy the challenge and creativity of putting parts together.


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