Friday, February 17, 2012

Do You Like Your Ducks in a Row?

This week I thought I would take a step away from the sewing machine and my rotary cutter and have some fun stamping on fabric to create my own unique designs.

 The fabric paints I used were Jacquard Textile color and Dye-Na-Flow. I carved two stamps from white polymer erasers readily available in the office supply section of the local store.

Put a little stamp in my hand and I found out how regimented I can be. I found myself lining up all my stamps in nice even rows. The Dye-Na-Flow was perhaps a little thin for this process but gave a more watery, transparent look that I found interesting.

In this sample, I stretched out a bit and got a little further away from that straight and even look. The Textile Color paint has more body and worked well for stamping.

Finally, I managed to break out and get away from straight lines.

I can't wait to use my samples and see where they will take me. How would you use them?

Come back again, I can see these becoming my next Quilter's Tiles. See you on Tuesday.

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