Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Tiles and Tiles and Tiles

Quilter's Tile - Dragons and Frogs
8" x 32"
©2011 - Sharon V. Rotz

Sometimes you can become so engrossed in a project, that you find it difficult to stop. Time flies by and you just keep sewing on and on.

I had so much fun making this Quilter's Tile that it became two, then three, then four. The fabrics were scraps that I had left from making a quilt for my granddaughter. As I stitched away, I was thinking of her and the fun we always have together. I enjoy working with bright and colorful fabrics and did a bit of improvisational piecing to combine the different sizes and shapes of my scraps.

Since I now had four tiles, I chose to join them into a one long wall hanging and when I look up from my sewing machine I think of Emily. 

The tiles were joined with a row of black beads hand stitched between each tile.

Thanks for joining me today, please stop by again for new Quilter's Tiles and ways to enjoy them.


  1. I left a comment on the other blog post but what I was wondering is this - do you quilt on each 8" square? I can't tell by looking at the post. Just curious.

  2. Yes, I quilted each tile. Each one is a finished little quilt, complete with a pieced top, batting, backing and binding. Then I joined them together with the beads.

  3. I love that you joined them with beads! That is something to keep inside my head for future projects - and such bright and lovely colours, too!

  4. LOVE this series, Sharon. Such happy, calypso colors! The color and shape of the beads really tie the pieces together.


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