Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - The Walk

Quilter's Tile - The Walk
8" x 8"
©2012 Sharon V. Rotz

This week for my Quilter's Tile I used many of the same products and techniques that I used last week for a totally different result. 

Starting with white muslin, I painted the background with Dye-Na-Flow paints. I added the blue Lumiere metallic paint using a credit card as my brush to create large areas of color. The edge of the card was used to make thin lines for my trees. To create thin, delicate branches I used a Micron Pigma 01 pen. This was a new effort for me and I really liked the results. I'll do this again.

Because I find hand embroidery relaxing and gives me time away from my machine, I made joyful little french knots with DMC embroidery floss. Using all six strands made heavy knots, while three strands made smaller knots to create a feeling of depth.i

This walk is a definite contrast to the scene outside our window today. We awoke to a snow covered winter wonderland. The white blanket of snow was breathtaking. Who knows, today's walk may lead to a new Tuesday's Tile. Check back next week to find out.

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