Friday, January 6, 2012

Treasured Find?

Yesterday I was digging in my stash looking for a blue fabric, when I came across of bag of pieces all cut and waiting. The way my mind works, the original project was forgotten in the delight of my "new find". After studying them, I decided that they were cut for a double wedding ring. Did I ever make a double wedding ring? Or was I going to?

Then I remembered I did make one long ago for a wedding gift. Because I finished it without a moment to spare (the story of my life), it slipped from my memory.

Obviously, I was very ambitious to cut so many pieces that I didn't need. Now the question is, will I ever make another double wedding ring? Should I hold the pieces for that day? 

Should I re-cut them into squares to use another way? They measure approximately 1-1/2" x 2" now, what would they be if I chose to re-cut them?

Or should I just rid myself of all responsibility and bury them in the garbage?

What would you do?

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