Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Too Good to Cut?

If you are inspired by fabric, then you will certainly connect to these fabulous fabric collections. These are Radiance silks by Robert Kaufman Fabric Co.

Aren't they irresistible? I am definitely attracted to the rich, earthy colors. So often, fabrics in these colorways are toned down and muddy, muddy, muddy. Not my taste. I love these because of their pure, rich color.

The next question is "Will I be able to cut into them, or will I be caught in a web just touching them, "petting them", and admiring the colors?"

How many fabrics do you own that you have not cut into yet because you love them too much? If you use them today, you may find a better idea tomorrow and your fabric will be gone. Tell me you haven't been caught in this trap.

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