Friday, November 5, 2010

Overheating Lately?

Overheating, that is an problem that many women deal with some time in their life. Well, it happened to me yesterday.

But it wasn't me overheating (We'll save that for another discussion!!), it was my iron. Who
thought irons went through menopause? Mine certainly had a menopausal moment right in the middle of my quilt.

Needless to say the next second, I was scraping sheer fabric off the bottom of my iron. It left a lovely messy spot of goo in the middle of my quilt top, which I desperately tried to finish scraping away before it completely dried.

I wasn't fast enough and I certainly wasn't thinking about photoing the melted spot so here it is after I repaired the damage. Of course, I didn't have a bit of the pink left.

Should you be thinking ahead and save extra fabric, just in case something goes wrong. Then, there is the question of how much to save? Too much to consider, I guess I will continue living on the edge.

I did have a bit of the lavender left and carefully replaced the melted spot with the lavender. Fortunately, problem solved. What's next?

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