Monday, November 8, 2010

Who Took a Bite Out of my Back?

Well, I'm past the melting sheer and on to sandwiching the quilt top, batting and backing. I dug through my stash looking for an older fabric that has lived in my closet long enough and could be given a useful life on the back of my quilt.

There it was. Color-wise it was good and it looked like the piece was large enough for a backing. Or was it?
Who cut that corner off? Why? Why? Why?

Wasn't I thinking ahead when I last used this fabric? Did I really need that extra 1/2 strip? Didn't I think that 10 years later, I'd want to use the rest of the fabric for a quilt back?

We all know that quilters are not easily deterred and are creative in using every bit of their fabric. Yes, I did use the piece cut off the edge to "patch" the back and make it large enough to be used as the quilt back.

Since this project was been moving along so smoothly, I wonder what adventure awaits me as I start the quilting?

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