Friday, October 29, 2010

It Speaks, We Listen

Three Stones
Sharon V. Rotz

I had some very thought provoking comments on my last post relating to how we plan our quilt projects. I do think because we, as quilters, are drawn to fabric as our art medium, we cannot ignore its importance to our design process.

Are we not inspired by the colors, the designs, the fabrics as we ponder a quilt? We are tempted by kits because we are pulled in by the fabrics. Who hasn't wanted to duplicate a fabulous quilt that we've seen? Kits can be a useful answer to those who love fabric but don't want to make decisions. There are days when we have been forced to make enough decisions and we just want to get lost in doing.

For my personal "release" days, I love to cut squares from my fabric scraps -- in whatever common size that I can cut. Just doing for the joy of touching fabric.

Other days and other people love the challenge of creating something that has not be done before. Of course, it doesn't matter whether we choose fabric first or design first. Often, we do a combination of both because we just can't resist our fabrics when they start to speak to us.

These are the days I would think up ways I could use the squares I have cut. And, I too, enjoy the idea of re-inventing UFO's.

Now, I have to run, I hear the murmur of fabric calling to me. I must get there before it turns into a deafening shout.


  1. That is beautiful. I agree, somedays it is easier not to have to make decisions, and other days the joy of creating takes away the agony of deciding.


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