Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Where We Live"

Square Foot Garden Series
© Nancy Laliberte

Between moments of stitching on my blocks, I visited a new exhibit at the Center for the Visual Arts in downtown Wausau, WI. Three of my favorite artists have combined their work into an eye-catching display. "Where We Live" features the paintings of Valerie Berkely, and Nancy Laliberte and the furniture of Chis Mosse. The exhibit runs from September 24 - November 7, 2010.

We all draw inspiration from our surroundings. I was delighted by Nancy's grouping of 12" canvases depicting garden flowers and vegetables. (You may notice the LACK of garden inspiration in my work, thanks to the bunnies and chipmunks, deer and turkeys in my surroundings. Or at least, I'll blame them for my not-so-green thumb.)

Great subject matter comes from many sources. Study the patterns, the colors, or the textures of the things in your life. Enjoy the work of other artists and learn from them. Capture your world and translate it into your next project.


  1. Thanks Sharon! Think of this as my garden "quilt." ;-)

  2. Nancy's Square Foot Garden is my favorite part of the exhibit ... and maybe that's cuz I love quilts! Thanks for your post, Sharon. Val


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