Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is your Battle Plan?

How do you approach a new quilt?

What is your battle plan?

Do you run to your stash and choose the colors or the fabrics that you wish to to use?

Then, do you let these fabrics or colors inspire you, letting them give you a ride into your wildest imagination?

Or, are you the person who has a plan? Do you have an idea, draw up a sketch, and then convert that sketch into a working size plan before you are distracted by color? Then, do you finally start your search for fabric patterns and colors?

Is there a right or wrong approach? What are the advantages of each plan?


  1. If I'm cheating, I get a kit. I usually choose by the colors of the fabric, not nessarily the pattern.

    It's where I design my own patterns that I run into trouble. It turns into organized chaos as my EQ6/7 software isn't always exact on yardage and only gives basic information. I'm on my own for figuring out how many strips, cuts, and pieces I need and that makes it take longer than it should.

    I may get stuck on fabric colors and have to rearrange or change fabric colors to make it work. I really don't have a plan. I make it up as I go along.

    There isn't a right/wrong way to approach a quilt. Sometimes it's a pattern you fall in love with first and other times it's the fabric that calls out to you begging to be made into a quilt.

  2. What gives me the most pleasure is re-inventing a quilt that was not working. Usually this is a UFO that is pulled out of hiding.

    But what I usually do is start with the fabric and dream up how it would work best. I do not believe in patterns as they are never the right size so I develope my own plan from a picture in my mind or a picture in a magazine.


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