Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mowing Around the Violet Patch

With the warm weather and sunshine, its hard to stay inside. The grass is growing and needs a trim so with lawnmower in hand, we are out to tame the lawn.

But, STOP!

There are violets blooming

and more violets blooming.

In fact, there is a whole patch of violets.

How could I possibility mow down these beauties?

They even come in white. 

There is no way that I can mow. I've chosen to simply enjoy the scene. The bits of grass and weeds scattered in my violet patch are safe until another day.

The quilt of the day is
"Mowing Around the Violet Patch"

8"x8" Quilter's Tile
silk ribbon embroidery and
machine applique and machine quilting.


  1. I agree, don't cut them down just yet! When I was a child I would take the flowers and dip them in egg whites and then sugar. Crystallized violets!

    And they taste like those violet candies I so loved (and you can't find anymore!)

  2. Not cutting the violets down but picking them and eating them, oh.... what a yummy idea.

  3. Great quilt coming from a beautiful inspiration! Well done :-) I like how your mind works

  4. My mom told me my Dad also mowed around the violets. Could it be hereditary?


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