Friday, May 3, 2013

Remember When and Would You Do It Again?

Who knows what I was searching for in my studio closet, because now my mind has gone off in an entirely new direction?

What came out of the closet with me was a box of squares all cut and ready to make colorwash quilt tops. Were you part of the quilting world in the 1990's when these were most popular?

I fell in love with the idea of blending fabrics when I saw my first colourwash quilt made by Deirdre Amsden. (This was several years before all the books came out so I was ready to purchase them when they hit the shelves.)

You can see I became obsessed with cutting squares and more squares,

until I had boxes full of them. 

Yes, I did turn many of these squares into quilts but that only fed my enthusiasm for cutting more.

When the boxes were full, they went into bags. 

So, today here I am with squares and more squares and even a colorwash quilt top tucked in the box.

What should I do?

Will I ever make another colorwash quilt? Will I even quilt the completed top?

Should I save the squares for future projects or do a massive spring fling and purge my studio?

Any suggestions?


  1. Love the start of the colorwash quilt. It has a collaged, abstract look to it. Go for it and finish it!

  2. I think you can use these squares for a base or background for something or another. I do think you should finish the top. Maybe add a silhouette?


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