Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Exploring Green Possibilities

With a long winter hopefully behind us, I'm finding any bit of green exciting. Today I have delved into my green scrap bag to have a green adventure.  I know, isn't it a shame to have an entire bag devoted to green scraps. Then, I guess I shouldn't tell you about the second bag.

With additional squares from my old forgotten, but newly found watercolor box, I am happily on my way. As a friend commented, this will make a wonderful background full of life and variety.

As I place these randomly pieced sections on my design wall, I can see possibilities for two backgrounds. Oh, the exciting directions I can explore.

This one seems to be growing and growing.

I have incorporated many of the squares found in my watercolor box.

To keep with the random theme, some of the squares are trimmed or divided.

As much fun as I am having merrily stitching away, the sunny day outside my window is beckoning me. Time to breathe in the fresh spring air.


  1. I read your post and smiled about the fact you have a bag of green scraps, I keep my scraps in boxes according to colour, and can still remember what the original scrap was used for! The combinations you have used play off each other nicely.
    Enjoy the sun.

  2. Each scrap is a memory of past quilts. Even if you are not using these small pieces, its fun to play with them and remember.

  3. Are you kidding? I have a bag for light green scraps and another one for dark green scraps. Not to mention the bag for multicolor scraps and the one for blue-green scraps, and the one for....

  4. I knew you would be able to use those watercolor squares! This piece is going to make a wonderful background!

  5. ohhh I have a habit of scrap diving too! I thought I was the only one that zip locked by color!

  6. AH, the world of scrap addicts!


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