Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On the Straight and Narrow

If you would follow me around for a day, you would see how well I travel in a straight line, keeping to my day's plan and my thoughts in focus.

OK, so that's a bit of a stretch. Most of the time, I keep my balance by jumping from one project to the next. With that in mind, my green scrap project has temporarily been laid aside.

This week, I want to share a braided bag which I made from a black dressmaker's fabric.  (Yes, there are a few larger pieces of fabric in my stash.) The fabric has a woven pattern which made interesting highlights when braided.

I know bags as big as suitcases are popular now but I wanted a small bag to tuck under my arm at special events.  This petite bag, 5" x 8", is just large enough for a few essential items like the all-important business cards.

For the skinny strap, I braided two strands of rattail cord and one decorative cord.

This made a sturdy, yet showy, strap.

The strap was woven into the top of the bag and secured with machine stitching.

Side trip complete, I'm  now back to the sewing machine and stitching more green scraps.

PS. You can find ideas for braided bags in my book, Braidcraft Designer Bags and Totes, available from Herrschners, Inc.

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