Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Little Head Poked In

Once there was a porcupine. The porcupine was in need of a world to explore.

In comes my green scrap improv piecing. I knew I was doing this for a reason. It wasn't just for the fun of sewing bits of green fabric together. I was dreaming up my next quilt and I didn't even know it.

As my green world grew larger, it had to have a few berries included. I find joy and a bit of torture each year as I push my way through the bushes looking for tasty treats.

This all came together for an lively green background for a nature quilt.

And the little porcupine crawled in to give it a try.

In the future weeks, we'll see if he finds this a cozy place to live
 or is just visiting.


  1. The porcupine has such a great expression! He looks curious but not too jump-right-into-strange-things-foolish. I love him peeking in from the side of your green forest.

  2. So nice story! I hope the porcupine will find an home and who knows may be a friend? ^_^

  3. Thanks for your friendly porcupine comments. My mother just told me she saw one crawl into her garage. She's leaving the door open and the car outside (and hoping the porcupine doesn't have babies in there).

    I'll keep mine in fabric only!


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