Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is My Back More Interesting Than My Front?

I've layered and basted my quilt sandwich together and have started the quilting. I am speaking of my green improvisational background that I stitched together and shared with you earlier.

But... after quilting a bit, I turned it over and found the back to be even more exciting than the front. 


The designs definitely show up more on the back.

You can see details of the leaves

and the fern.

Perhaps I have made a mistake in making the front so complex. 
Sometimes in the joy of sewing together bright colors and fabulous patterns, we loose the option of creating the drama with our quilting stitches.

I'm not at the point of changing this project, not when I only have a small area left to complete. 

I know the rule is to start quilting in the center and work to the outside of the quilt, but sometimes things just don't work that way for me.

The quilting is finished with different leaves and various other growing things. 

Yes, I do like the back....

but then I also like the complexity of the front with its interplay of fabric color and design set off by the "up-close" details of the quilting.

Perhaps in my next quilt, I will use a solid background and have fun quilting fabulous designs. 

What is your favorite approach?

Meanwhile, is there a rule that says your quilt cannot be hung in the center of the room where viewers can see both the front and back?


  1. Very interesting FMQ. Love it.


  2. The back looks so spare yet so ornate with the quilting. You might try hanging it perpendicular to a wall?
    best, nadia

  3. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm still thinking up an ideas for viewing the front and back of quilts as I've seen several where the back is as interesting as the front.


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