Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is a Little Thing a Big Deal?

I was searching for a large pin, button, or clip to decorate a piece I was working on.
Nothing I had matched the picture in my head.

When I was digging through my button box, I came upon this large button. It was the right size but not very eye-catching.

Then I found this smaller button that just fit into the center of the large button.
Now where can I go?

A piece of matching fabric could help.

I covered the smaller button and placed it onto the large button.

Then I stitched and glued a small stone in the center. (I didn't think the glue would hold and the stitching left the stone a little loose, hence both stitching and gluing.)


Yes, a little thing is a big deal. 
I'm smiling!


  1. Sometimes it is the small things that make a piece perfect. And finding that small piece is a happy moment.


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