Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Serendipity Surfaces

Today, I am back to an earlier post. I was busy quilting this piece, another quilt from my "Pod" series. You have followed me through the stippling and quilting following the leaf design. I have also quilted vertical lines to pop up the curving shapes. A wonderful surprise happened when I stitched over the striped silk. It developed a woven look.

Don't you love it when serendipitous things creep into your projects enhancing them beyond your expectations? Ah, the moment of discovery. This is worth your time and efforts. 

May you, too, have an exciting moment of discovery today. 

(Now, I have to go measure my quilt to see if it is as crooked as it looks in the photo. Hopefully, my quilting skills are better than my photo skills indicate.)

P.S. It's not done yet. Look for this piece to show up again.

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