Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All "Puffed" Up

One of the techniques that we explore in my "Puffs, Tucks and Pleats" class is making puffs. This simple technique can be used to add excitement to your next quilting project.

To make a puff, cut a circle that is twice the desired size. The outer edge of the circle can be left raw-edged or can be finished off by any number of sewing (or serging) stitches.

Make a secure knot at one end of your thread and hand stitch an inner circle. I like to use a quilting weight thread so it is less likely to break as I draw up the stitches.

Next step: Draw up those stitches, gathering the fabric into a puff. Pull the gathering thread to the wrong side and knot.

Yes, it's as easy as that.

Here I've used free-form circles to make flower shaped puffs. Three puffs grouped together created a fast and easy corsage.

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