Friday, August 19, 2011

Yes or No? Do You Follow the Flow?

I am over my stippling hurdle. I've chewed and chewed and swallowed my words as I slowly made my way stippling across the quilt. (Please take note of that lovely stippling on the right side of the photo.)

Now for quilting the next section. This brings up a new question.

Does your fabric dictate to you? Or, do you clamp down like a stubborn child and tell it "You're not the boss of me!"

Today the answer is "Yes, I will follow the flow." The print of this fabric has definitely captured my attention. Following the lines of the print with my quilting brings the fabric to life. 

Oh my, the advantages of going with the flow.  My quilting decision has been made (Isn't that always a hurdle to jump over?), there will be no quilting lines to mark and therefore no marks to have to remove (another high point) and in this case, it suits the fabric perfectly.

Do you tend to follow the flow or does your quilting go off in a new direction?

Just a note:  I would love to hear from you but I've heard that some people are having difficulty adding comments. Click here for another way to send me your thoughts. 

 To answer an e-mail: Yes, I will post a photo of this project when it is completed.


  1. I hate stippling. I can do feather and follow a stencil but just meandering and stippling are too hard for me - I have a hard time keeping the size consistent throughout the quilt. I do it sometimes though just because I need to get a quilt done and it doesn't "need" fancy quilting.

  2. Yes, keeping an even size is difficult as we tend to get larger as we move along and view the finish line. Just can't wait to get there - the other edge of the quilt, that is.
    I've found that it helps me to divide up my space into small imaginary blocks, maybe 5"-6", and then concentrate on only filling up that "block" before I continue on to my next imaginary space.

  3. I have done enough stippling that it comes fairly easily to me. I like to use a variety of stitches in my quilts, and I usually start with a practice piece just to get warmed up. But I do love to follow the print on the fabric - as you say, it brings the fabric to life.


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